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Spa Covers

Spa Covers.
If you have a spa at home it is highly recommended to have a spa cover as accidents can happen especially if you have kids. The spa covers also help to keep your spa in good condition.

There are many spa covers available and it's a good idea to search over the internet to find more about different spa coverts models and their prices as your local spa store may just have one or two models to propose you and, in many cases, they are overpriced.

Spa covers sold online are generally cheaper than those you can find on your local store but before buying a spa cover online one should check the shipping fees as they can be very high in some cases. Also, the seller reputation is very important and one should check the previous buyers feedback before buying from online stores. This is way, if you plan to buy your spa covers online, it is better to do it at large and established sites like Amazon.

Here is a list and detailed description of the most sold spa covers on Amazon. You can click on the link provided after each spa cover description if you want to find more details about that spa cover or buy it directly from Amazon.

6ft Spa-N-A-Box Hard Spa Cover
by Hot Tub Depot
The 6ft Spa-N-A-Box hard spa cover is is made specifically for the 6ft Spa-N-A-Box brand spa. It is constructed of marine-grade vinyl and EPS styrofoam, which is heat-sealed with a vapor barrier to assist with heat retention. The bi-fold "hinge" is constructed of the same marine-grade vinyl as the cover. The strength of the 4" of heat-sealed styrofoam provides rigidity through the middle of the cover. The hard spa cover tapers 4" from the center going downwards to a 2" edge so that the rain and snow will run off the product as to keep the cover from being water logged. There is also a 6" "skirt" that hangs along the outside edge of the spa. The cover includes two handles but does not include a moisture drain. The hardcover weighs just over 35 pounds, and is equipped with locking mechanisms for child safety.
Price: $299.00 See it!

Voyager Portable Spa 4-Piece Cover Set
by Homevisions
All the popular performance features of a permanent unit, but sets up in minutes indoors or out Spacious bench seating for up to 5 adults Full-size 6-ft. diameter, 3-ft. deep tub. Turbo-charged whirlpool system. Digitally-controlled electronic components. It is packed with the high-performance features found in larger spas, but the Voyager Spa is truly portable, with easy, do-it-yourself assembly.
Price: $379.99 See it!

QCA Spa Cover Butler
Maintaining your home spa is easy with the QCA Spa Cover Butler. This smart accessory helps make quick work of placing the protective hard spa covers (sold separately) onto your spa hot tub. To keep it clean, simply hose off as needed. Made in USA. 60.25Lx20.25W.
Price: $149.99 See it!

Other spa covers are also available and it is recommended to do your own search in order to find the spa cover that fit your needs.