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Spa Candles Gift Basket

Spa candles gift basket.
Giving gifts to your loved ones sometimes leaves us confused on the right gift. In situations like this, a spa candles gift basket is a good gift as it is not only attractive and useful, it has aromatherapy characteristics too. It is the right gift for the woman of your life to pamper herself with her favorite bath accessories and spa products.

Create your own spa candles gift basket

Spa candles gift baskets is a gift you can create on your own. If and when you decide to create the right spa candles gift basket, you have to consider her favorite scents. Keep it in mind that you are gifting this to calm, soothe and relax her when she is in the privacy of her own world. The best aromas to evoke relaxation responses are floral, citrus, vanilla and almond scents. In fact, the perfect spa is said to begin with the use of natural wax candles to get the right environment.

Spa candles gift basket items

The best items to include in the spa candle gift basket are an assortment of subtly scented soaps, shower gels, foot soaks and bath salts. Along with this, add some bath sponges, a gel mask and a bath mitt so that she can really spoil herself with the spa candles gift basket. Adding a cassette or a cd with relaxing music that will help her relax when using the spa candles gift basket will be an added benefit. Not only will the spa candle gift basket make her relax, it also helps in creating a romantic atmosphere with all these scented bath accessories.

Along with her spa bath, she will really enjoy using creams, butters and lotions to help invigorate and soften her skin. Throw in a spa towel and a terry cloth bath robe to complete her spa experience. She will really enjoy herself with this spa candles gift basket and will fall head over heals over it!

And once all the soaps and lotions have exhausted, the basket can be used for storage or decoration. On hearing the word basket, we get the idea that the basket will be the original basket. But this is not so; it may be in the form of elegant wood chests, ceramic basins, storage boxes or leather totes.

Some spa candles gift basket come along with a stationery set that can be used for a long time to come. So the next time you are at a loss of what gift to get the love of your life, just consider getting her a spa candles gift basket!