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Microwave spa socks

Microwave spa socks
Beauty products are found aplenty in the market and in the internet. There are products for each and every part of the body; treatments for the face, body, legs, hands, eyes, etc. So for your legs, there is a very effective and soothing accessory called the microwave spa socks.

These microwave spa socks are found with different scents to serve different purposes. However, most of the microwave spa socks are found filled with white rice because white rice is a dense, durable and molding filling that retains heat or cold for a long period of time.

White rice is also odor-free and comfortable to wear. White rice has the property of flowing freely inside your heat therapy product to give you comfortable support when and if you need it.

All you have to do when you have aching feet is to wear these microwave spa socks. Just microwave the microwave spa socks for thirty to forty five seconds and then wear them. Some of the microwave spa socks come with a drawstring cord that has to be tightened as needed to contour to fit your foot. You will feel your aching feet relieved with the soothing and penetrating blend of gingery spices. Microwave spa socks are not only with gingery spices, but can be also found emitting the soothing scents of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus.

Some of the microwave spa socks are made of the purest flax seeds and herbs and others with barley that is cheaper and an inferior element that prevents herbs from being absorbed into the body. Different microwave spa socks have different healing herbs that are used for different purposes.

The sizes of the microwave spa socks too are varied, with the extra small size that fits women till the size of 6. The small size socks fit women up to size 10 and men up to the size of 9. For men up to the size 14, it is advisable to use size 14 microwave spa socks.

Using a microwave spa socks does not mean that you cannot walk with it; in fact, you can walk, and run if required in microwave spa socks! Moreover, though microwave spa socks gives the impression that it has to be used only after micro waving, it is not so. You can also use it by placing it in a freezer for a few minutes as per specifications, and then use it for relaxing those tired feet!

So now with microwave spa socks around, it is not needed to head to the spa to relax those tired feet. Just heat the socks and put them on!