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Infrared body wrap

Infrared body wrap.
Infrared body wrap is one of the better body wraps that are available in a spa. This is one of the body wraps that can only be had in the spa, and not at home. With an infrared body wrap, there is no need of getting naked to use the body wrap like other body wraps and feel uncomfortable because of this! You can have an infrared body wrap wearing a cotton long sleeved shirt with loose jeans or sweats.

Why infrared body wrap?

Before using an infrared body wrap, it is better to know what its function is like. On the accumulation of fat in the body, blood circulation worsens. And it is because of this that we cannot metabolize body fat and once the heat is lost from that area, the fat here turns to cellulite. Now it is through a body wrap that heat is applied to the body to get to the fat tissue to thin the blood to make it reach the areas where fat tissue exists. Once blood is re-introduced to these spots, the metabolism rate rises. This leads to the fat tissue softening and breaking up to get released into the blood stream to be burned up as energy.

Infrared body wrap reduce cellulite

In a clay, mud and seaweed body wrap, though the body wraps are heated up for use, once they are removed from the heat, the temperature decreases. Moreover, the time taken to wrap the client leads to a decrease in the temperature of the body wrap. So on the completion of the wrapping of the body wrap, the heat is effective for only ten to twenty minutes of the one-hour treatment. Infrared body wraps is considered to be the best body wrap as its heat can penetrate the body to directly reach the bone.

Infrared body wrap for sports injuries

As the infrared body wrap penetrates the body to directly reach the bone, it is not only used to reduce cellulite and weight in the body, it is also sometimes used for sports injuries. On the damage of a muscle, the heat directly reaches the bone to promote blood circulation and alleviate the pain. Even other pains like arthritis is relieved with the help of an infra red body wrap. Remember, the infrared body wrap warms the body from the inside out, and not from the outside in! It is because of this that it burns up to 1200 to 2500 calories per wrap!