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How Do Body Wrap Work

How do body wrap work.
Body wraps are one of the treatments that are offered in spas for the reduction of cellulite in the body. There are different types of body wraps available that are meant for different types of body. And even if you are not too keen on getting an appointment at the spa and exposing your body to therapists, you can always get yourself a body wrap kit to be used at home. With this kit, you can either give yourself a partial wrap to work on your problem areas or you could also get the help of a friend to get a complete body wrap.

Whatever the constituent of the body wrap, be it mineral, herbal, amino acid, chocolate, aloe-vera or seaweed, the wrap procedure is exactly the same. The main intention of using a body wrap is to help tone and tighten the skin. In the process, the blood circulation is improved and the body detoxified. Even people suffering from constipation find that a body wrap helps mobilize fat so as that it can be eliminated from the body naturally.

How do body wrap work: stages

A body wrap works in two stages; absorption and squeezing. In the absorption state, you wrap the body wrap substance on your body. On wrapping the body, the pores of the skin get opened while the fluids are extracted or absorbed by the substance and the bandage. The level and effect of the wrap all depends on the material used for the body wrap. Next comes the second part of the body wrap process, the squeezing part. Here the tissues are compacted together after the interstitial fluid is extracted. On the extraction of the fluids, empty pockets are formed in between the cells. So because of these empty pockets, once the cells are squeezed together, the final result is a body that is much thinner and leaner looking. So this is where the body wrap and the bandages come into work; to squeeze the body part and to squeeze together the empty pockets of the body.

The most simple body wrap is a mixture of clay and some salt. As the wrap becomes more complex, herbs, essential oils and nutritive ingredients are added to the wrap. It is the repeated use of the body wrap that is important and not on the exact proportion of the ingredients. However, if you have dry skin adding some nutrition oil softens your skin like lavender, lemon, sandalwood or olive oil.

It is always better if you take a warm shower before applying the body wrap. The reason for this is that this opens the pores of the body and facilitates better absorption of the body wrap. You may sometimes feel cold while sitting in the body wrap. If this is the case, you can cover yourself with an inexpensive thermal blanket to help keep yourself warm. It has been proven that drinking lots of water both before and after the body wash greatly helps in flushing out toxins. However, it is better to stay away from caffeine, sugar, soda drinks, fried fatty foods and alcohol for the next 48 hours to get a better effect from the body wrap.