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Free Catalog On Aromatherapy

Free catalog aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy is considered to be a holistic treatment that helps care for the body with the use of pleasant smelling botanical oils. It is a science using natural plant essences that help in promoting health and well-being with the help of essential oils got from a wide range of plants. It is through aromatherapy that the mood changes, depression are relieved, stress reduced and relaxation attained to restore both physical and emotional well-being in your body!

Free aromatherapy catalog oils

As aromatherapy is such a vast field, there is a great necessity of a free catalog on aromatherapy. It is in this catalog that detailed information of aromatherapy is found. A free catalog on aromatherapy usually has a mention of the various types of essential oils available in the market, and from where they are extracted; like plants, flowers, fruits, barks, grasses, trees and seeds. Each of these oils has distinctive therapeutic, psychological and physiological properties that help to both improve and prevent any illness.

The free catalog on aromatherapy mentions which oils have antiseptic properties, which helps in pain relieving, which oils are antidepressants, which are antiviral and which are expectorant. The essential oils also help in the stimulation, relaxation, improvement of digestion and in diuretic properties to give powerful results to both the body and spirit. It is no use using synthetically made oils like fragrance oils and perfumes in aromatherapy as they don't work like or as effectively as pure essential oils.

A free catalog on aromatherapy also gives a mention of the history of aromatherapy. It was the Greeks, Romans and the ancient Egyptians that first started using aromatherapy oils. It was the Egyptians that first used these fragrant oils for bathing, massaging and for the embalming of their dead. However, the modern era of aromatherapy is said to have dawned in 1930 when the French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse considered the term aromatherapy, and used essential oils for therapeutic use. It was when he found the benefits of using lavender oil in the healing of his burned hand without leaving any scars that he became fascinated with aromatherapy. It was from here that he started on his investigation on the effects of other essential oils for healing and any other psychotherapeutic benefits.

So before you actually start on any aromatherapy, it is actually better to first get a free catalog on aromatherapy and then to consult an expert of aromatherapy. There is no point in you trying out aromatherapy on your own as it is only when the right essential oils are used in the right proportions will their particular benefits be executed.