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Coffee Grounds Body Wrap And Weight Lose

Coffee grounds body wrap weight lose.
Body wrap is a new treatment that is availed in spas, and can also be done at home. There are basically different types of body wraps made of different constituents. Coffee, chocolate, sea weeds and sea clay are some of the types of body wraps available. The effect of the body wrap varies with the constituent of the body wrap.

Coffee is a substance that is very helpful in reducing cellulite and in exfoliating dead looking facial skin. So instead of throwing away all that used coffee grounds, use it to make your body firmer and more toned up while getting rid of cellulite. The main reason for coffee to be a good cellulite cream is because of the presence of caffeine in them.

Caffeine is a form of methylxanthine and this is the constituent that pulls fluid from the spaces between the cells during the body wrap. Not only that, it helps the body to burn the layer of fat that is found just below the skin surface to help reduce cellulite. So to get a better effect out of your caffeine creams, you can mix them with powdered coffee grounds to help reduce cellulite and at the same time, enjoy the fresh smell of coffee.

Absorption and squeezing are two of the stages of a body wrap with coffee grounds. In the absorption state, the coffee grounds are wrapped around the body wherein the pores of the skin get enlarged. Having a shower before using a body wrap is a great idea as it helps enlarge the pores of the skin. Once the pores get opened, fluids are extracted or absorbed by the body wrap. Next comes the squeezing part. Tissues are compacted together when the interstitial fluid is extracted wherein empty pockets are found in between the cells. With the fluids being squeezed out of the cells, the body loses weight to become thinner and leaner looking.

It is very easy to make a body wrap out of coffee grounds at home. It is better to use it with seaweed to reduce cellulite. Warm coffee grounds have to be spread on troubled areas and then wrapped with moist seaweed. Seaweed is easily available in health food stores. Upon placing the sea weeds, you have to cover yourself with a plastic wrap. This wrap has to be kept on for about half an hour. After half an hour, you have to unwrap yourself and rinse off in the shower. Massaging your thighs after rinsing yourself off gives a better feel to the body wrap. You get better results by using this body wrap at least twice a week.

So using coffee grounds as a body wrap is a great idea to make one lose weight and to make the body firmer and toned up.