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Benefits of chocolate body wraps

Benefits of chocolate body wraps
Modern spas boast of different types of treatment to beautify your body both internally and externally. One of the many treatments is the usage of a body wrap which helps detoxify the body, improve the blood circulation and help tone and tighten the skin. There are different types of body wraps, and the chocoholics are sure to be happy to learn about the chocolate wrap, one of the more interesting body wraps!

Generally, body wraps work in two stages, absorption and squeezing. Wrapping the body wrap is the absorption stage wherein the pores of the skin get opened while the fluids are extracted or absorbed by the wrap. The extraction of the fluids leave empty pockets in between the cells that when squeezed together, give a body that is much thinner and leaner looking than before. In the case of a chocolate body wrap, chocolate is used to detoxify the body to sooth aching muscles and to give skin a luminous glow.

The chocolate body wrap has three stages. The body is first exfoliated with a cacao bean and a sweet almond oil scrub. After the exfoliation, the body is smothered with a chocolate cream to be wrapped in a thermal blanket to help draw impurities from the body. You have to stay in this wrap for at least twenty minutes wherein the blanket is removed, and the chocolate washed off using either ocean water or fresh cenote water. After all this, chocolate cream is applied using some really relaxing massage techniques.

Using a chocolate body wrap, you can calm and soothe the skin, to give the skin a hydrated and smooth complexion. This is because it is said that the caffeine and polyphenols are absorbed through the skin, which leads to the shedding of those extra pounds. The shedding of extra pounds is due to the endorphins, the special biochemical compounds that the body produces under some circumstances. The release to these endorphins has been linked to sex, drugs and sports and even to eating of spicy foods. They are also said to give feelings of well-being and relaxation that tends to induce fat melting.

The chocolate body wrap does not contain only chocolate; the body packs usually have a mixture of other substances like cacao extract, citric acid and magnesium oxide. These substances, along with massage help relieve several of the PMS symptoms that also includes sudden increase in appetite and feeling of stress. So looking at all the benefits of a chocolate body wrap, there is no reason for you not heading down to the spa to get one as soon as possible!