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Body Wrap In Cling Film

Body wrap in cling film.
The skin of our body is largest organ of our body, demanding maximum care of it. Skin care is achieved through various beauty procedures like manicures, pedicures, exfoliations and body wraps. A body wrap is a great means of detoxifying the skin and making it firmer and toned up.

Body wraps are found in a number of varieties, and is meant for a different types of bodies. Body wraps are best done in the spa, but if you are in a hurry, and don't have time for an appointment, then it can also be done in the home, with the help of a friend. Body wraps may be made of minerals, herbs, amino acids, chocolate or seaweed; however, all its objectives are the same, to reduce the amount of cellulite in the body and to help tone and tighten the skin.

Body wrap in cling film stages:

A body wrap comprises of two stages; the absorption and squeezing processes. In the absorption stage, the body wrap is wrapped on the body. On doing this, the pores of the skin tend to get enlarged, to let the fluids of the body get extracted or absorbed by the body wrap. It is after the application of the substance of the body wrap is all this held in place with the help of cling film. Cling film helps the body wrap to stay in place without moving all over the body.

Once the cling film is in place, the second part of the body wrap process takes place; the squeezing part. In this state, the tissues of the body are compacted together wherein the interstitial fluid is extracted. It is only on the absorption of these fluids do empty pockets form between the cells. And once these cells are squeezed together, the body becomes thinner and leaner looking than it was before the body wrap. So it can be seen that the body wrap works hand in hand with the cling film to squeeze the body parts and the empty pockets of the body to help in the reduction of cellulite in the body.

Body wrap in cling film advice:

It is advised to have a warm shower before a body wrap as this warm water opens up the pores of the body, to enhance the absorption of the body wrap. Lots of water drunk both before and after the body wrap helps in the flushing out of the toxins of the body. It is also advisable to say away from caffeine, sugar, fried fatty foods and alcohol for forty eight hours to get a better effect of the body wrap using cling film.