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Aromatherapy nasal inhaler suppliers

Aromatherapy nasal inhaler suppliers.
Aromatherapy is a new therapy that is used to treat many ailments from cold to nervous diseases and central nervous system disorders. Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils which are the essence of a plant and are volatile and strong in nature. These essential oils are also used to relieve emotional and mental disorders like anxiety and depression. The added benefit of essential oils is their antibacterial and antiviral properties.

However, when using these essential oils, as they are very strong, it is necessary to dilute with the right percentage of carrier oil. It is better to approach a trained aroma therapist to get the right essential oils of the right concentrations for your needs. Some of the popular oils used are lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus, basil and rose.

The aromatherapy nasal inhaler is one of the products available in aromatherapy. It is very useful to use to clear blocked noses and for migraine headaches. These nasal supplies come as sleek, stylish and efficient inhaler aromatherapy diffusers that can be conveniently carried around for immediate use. It can be used to treat any condition both physically and emotionally.

The aromatherapy nasal inhaler supplies are usually very elegant, smooth and portable to look at. It is not necessary to open the inhaler to use it; the warmth of your hand is enough to activate the scent anywhere you go, anytime you want it to! As the tube is small and compact, it fits easily into anyone's pocket and purse to be carried along with you at all times. This is the reason both men and women alike enjoy carrying an inhaler at all times. To add some life and color, these aromatherapy nasal inhaler supplies come in different colors too; sometimes lavender, red, gold or sky blue.

The aromatherapy nasal inhaler supplier is very easy to use. All that is to be done is to dis-assemble it by removing the cover. Then the nasal part has to be removed from the base. Once the nasal part is removed, the 4ml bottle has to be unscrewed and then a small piece of cotton ball added to the bottle. Add about 3-5 drops of your chosen essential oil or blend to the cotton ball and place it near your nose to inhale.

You can then use this cotton ball and inhaler as often as you feel necessary. Once you get tired of oil, and wish to use a different essential oil, you just have to disassemble it, and with the help of a tweezers, remove the old piece of cotton. Clean the bottle with hot soapy water, rinse and let it dry to place a new cotton piece in the bottle. So while ordering the nasal inhaler, order some extra inhalers to be used with essential oils or blends.